Why SelectSource?

HR is complex enough. Managing benefits should be simple.

Local Service and TPA Processes.

With SelectSource, you can be confident that you are working with the members of our in-house team of benefits experts. We are not just a vendor – we are a partner you can trust. Every TPA service we offer is managed within the walls of our Florida corporate office.

Great customer service should be standard, not an add-on.

Many of the services we include in your SelectSource package are typically à la carte offerings with other companies—that is, if they’re offered at all. By providing you with subject-matter expertise in all HR areas, a highly-trained US-based Call Center and personal representative, a Web portal for your employees, and a range of other services to meet your specific needs, we add value beyond your expectations, and beyond what you’ll get with our competitors.

Partners and carriers you—and your employees—recognize and trust.

We work with the healthcare partners and carriers you do, making it easy to integrate all of our solutions into your existing Human Resources workflow. We cover all your bases, automate all your processes, and bring you—and your employees—up to speed without any downtime.

Brokers and Consultants

Your goal is to offer your clients the very best in superior products and services. At SelectSource, we partner with your agency to provide the customization, integration, and innovation you, and they, expect and deserve.